Resources for Workplaces

Drug-Free Workplace Programs includes evidence-based information, resources, and tools for producing and maintaining drug-free workplace policies and programs. The Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for starting and maintaining drug-free workplace policies and programs.

Recovery Friendly Workplace, NH statewide resource includes many downloadable tools to adapt and use for Maine worksites as well.

The National Safety Council’s Employer Kit for and step by step toll kit for workplaces to address opioids

Marijuana and Workplaces

Marijuana for Maine Workplaces, a quick handout with what all employees and employers should know about Maine marijuana laws and work.

Maine Department of Labor Workplace Safety

Working Partners, a group in Ohio with great resources on all substance use issues and a focus on marijuana for employers.

  • Hand out from the Marijuana for Maine Workplaces webinar provided by CTBH, Working Partners and Maine DOL

Maine CDC Marijuana Toolkit 2020, contains info on marijuana, products, chemicals in marijuana, effects, laws and more.

Help for You or Your Employees

FMI: Sally Manninen, 207-351-2655 or