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Raising children is not always easy, but you don’t have to do it alone or without help!

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Resources from our Parent Check-In Series

Topic: 6 Keys To Building a Resilient Family,
with Sue Badeau, Fall 2021

Handout: Resiliency Activities

Topic: Staying Connected with Our Kids, Fall 2020

Handout: Parent Resources
Presentation: Staying Connected with Our Kids

Topic: Surviving Adolescence: Tools for Parents

Handout: Boundaries
Handout: Expectations and Consequences
Handout: What is your role?
Presentation: Surviving Adolescence

Topic: Social Media: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Resource: Family Media Plan
Resource: Developing a Social Media Contract
Resource: Family Online Safety Institute
Presentation: Adolescent Social Media

Topic: Anxiety: How Much Is Too Much?

Presentation: Anxiety: How Much is Too Much?

Topic: Delving Deeper into Adolescent Anxiety & Depression

Presentation: Delving Deeper Into Depression and Anxiety
Resource: Resource for Parents by Parents